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My Green Thumbs

garden discussion, tips, photography and art

Green Thumbs - gardening advice, tips, discussion,
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This month's theme is: 'working with my climate'.

This non-rating community is intended for those who are interested in plants and plant life; particularly cultivating their own garden.

This community wants everyone with green thumbs; from all parts of the world; from all cultures; and from all skill-levels. Even if the only thing you've ever grown is sprouts in a jar (or not even that!), this is the place for you. All you need is an open-mind!

As the moderator, I think it would be great to see plenty of tips offered, questions asked, activities and discussions taking place. I'd also love to see plant-themed artwork, botanical photography and icon-whoring.

Please be kind to other members - as completely unlikely as a gardening flame-war is, you can never be too sure. If you think a post or comment might be taken the wrong way, think twice. Community harmony is a beautiful thing.

If you have any concerns about the community, or any questions generally, you can contact the mod (me) at: sare DOT lally AT gmail DOT com

Oh, and anyone joining? It would be wonderful if you could fill out this quiz. Let us get to know you!


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