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19 April 2009 @ 08:05 am
garden work  
We had a partly sunny day yesterday so I was able to do some garden work. It's not that I am adverse to doing stuff in the rain but some things are easier to do when it's dry - like mowing the front and back yard!:) The electric mower makes it so much easier - 20 minutes or so for both front and back and no hassles like I had with the old gas mower - just plug in and go.

I did some weeding,spread a little compost, and then did a major transplant operation. I discovered a couple weeks ago or so that there were several foxglove starts popping up in my back yard. They were in the gravel underneath my garden window by the kitchen. I get weeds there all the time, as well as little ferns, but this was the first time for foxglove. It has popped up other places in the back as a surprise - I only planted it out front - always a pleasure.

Well I have a space beside my dogwood by the front steps that has been a real pain to get anything to grow in, so I figured why not move the foxglove there? So I moved the whole gravel bunch (about 10-15 plants) out front and planted them in the dogwood patch. Because they grew in gravel which has little dirt in it they were very easy to get out, roots and all. And since they sprouted there (as well as past history with the plants)they would be tough enough to take the transplanting okay. Only time will tell.:)

Alas, I searched for my rhubarb which had been growing underneath a couple trees in back, but found no sight of it:( Maybe it just couldn't take being surrounded - or neglected, since I always seem to wait too long to cut stems for cooking and they end up drying out...