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21 March 2009 @ 10:31 pm
spring is in the air!  
Finally got some more work done in the garden. The rain held off today and I was able to redo part of the rock garden -clear out about half the grass that has invaded over time. I made the mistake of not completely killing it when I used turf squares to form the base of the rock garden space. I was creating a long planting bed along the sidewalk, removing the grass in squares and putting them upside down in another spot then covering with stones to form the rock garden. Over time the grass made its way up to the top and out among the stonecrop and other rock garden plants (portaluca, dragon's blood, creeping rosemary). I removed about half the rocks, dug out the grass and roots,and replaced it with a bag of compost-then covered back with rocks. Sometime later I will do the rest.

Took stock of the new growth and this is some of what I have:
Here is the rock garden in progress

I have a couple anemone blooms

A lot of white crocuses ,amongst my primroses, heathers, and fescue beside the driveway

I have spreading yarrow surrounding my tulips leaves in the rose border and lupine leaves returning there as well

and I even have new fennel sprouts coming up in the front bed

plus the muscari (grape hyacinths) are coming - in bunches


So, you see, spring really is here!:)
trekkingkitty on March 22nd, 2009 01:24 pm (UTC)
It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing. My daffodils started to bloom on the first day of spring. I love this time of year.