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05 March 2007 @ 01:04 pm
Growing roses from cuttings  
hi everyone! Was hoping someone could give me a hand with my latest forage into gardening. I've decided to grow roses. Not such a big deal, you may say, but it is for me as I am allergic to the thorns so have always avoided anything to do with them. However, with the advice of my GP, I have built up an immunity by gradual exposure by scratching etc and now can handle them without effect!!! So happy!!! So, I rescued 4 little bedding roses from my local supermarket where they were dying and about to be thrown out. It's Autumn now so I know I shouldn't be feeding them but they looked so bad that I have decided to raise them inside for a while and gave them a feed and water, four days later and they are looking MUCH better. Now, I'd like to grow some more. Not just these little carpet ones (although I need about 7 more of them anyway but that will come), I'd like to grow a climbing rose to cover my fence. And I'd like to try and do it from cuttings. Now bear in mind I have never had anything to do with roses before. So how do I go about doing this? I have had so much conflicting information! so, here are my questions. How long should the shoot be? I know it should be cut above the 'eye', and that's about it. Should I dip the end in rooting powder or no? Some people swear by it, others despise it and have recommended vegimite of all things instead! What exactly do I put the cuttings into? Potting mix? Seedling raiser? Plain soil? Do I feed them anything? Do I cover them? How often should I water them? How much sun should they have???? I had  no idea when I first decided to grow roses I would encounter so many conflicting and passionate views, it's a bit daunting for a complete rose-novice. :-D Oh and anyone who can recommend a strongly scented deep red climbing rose that likes heavy-ish soil and Melbourne (Australia) conditions is more than welcome to tell me names etc. Likewise, amyone local to Melbourne who has a climber like that or knows where I may be allowed to take a couple of cuttings is more than encouraged to let me know details :-)
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(Anonymous) on April 26th, 2008 09:18 am (UTC)
Rose without Thorne cant be thought of
Feelings without Flowers (http://www.galleryflowers.com.au/florist-melbourne.shtml) cant be thought of ..and same way I think rose without thorn cant be thought of.. Its nice that you have got immunity to that allergy. After all one cant be allergic to those flowers.